New Release: Tarak's Torment 


What a strange place to crash. Eleven women including myself were taken from our homes to be sold as slaves, but thankfully those plans changed when we crashed landed on a strange planet called Valo Prime. The grass was pink, the leaves were teal, and the animals were monstrous. 

I was separated from the other women and attacked by a giant boar when a sexy alien saved me and brought me to the safety of his home.

Can I convince him to help me bring the other women here too? Will they make it back without being eaten alive?


Gabby was the answer to all my prayers. She was beautiful, and smart, and every time she smiled or laughed it was as though my entire world stopped. 

But could she ever love an outcast like me? I had been told my entire life that I was unworthy of love and could never take a mate, but what if the elders were wrong? 

Either way I would cherish every look Gabby gave me and every brush of her hand against mine. 

This book contains mature themes.
Content warnings:

animal attacks

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Tarak's Torment 


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