Brexl's Bane


We can’t be mates. I just can’t do relationships. Every time I try, I accidentally change my entire personality to fit what I think the other person wants from me. I did it so seamlessly and so quickly in my last relationship that it scared me.

No, Brexl and I can never be anything more than friends. I just want to be myself on Valo Prime and this is the only way I can do it.

Why does he have to be so sexy though? It doesn’t matter, I tell myself. Brexl doesn’t want a mate, and I can’t be mated. So friends it is, and friends we shall remain.


Taylor thinks I don’t want a mate, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m not worthy of a mate, and I’m especially not worthy of her. So I don’t correct her. It’s better this way for both of us. When we get back to the mountain we’ll just have to figure how to explain our unique situation. We’re friends who have luminesed and nothing more.

We’ll head home as soon as I heal from my injuries, and the sooner the better. Taylor insists on taking care of me despite my assurances that I’m fine. I am not worthy of her attention but she’s too stubborn to stop. I am afraid if this goes on much longer I won’t have the strength to let her go when the time comes for us to part.

This is NOT a standalone book. It is highly recommended that you read books 1-3, before reading Brexl’s story. 

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